Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Fall 2019!

As we close in on nearly two years off the grid and living now in the keys, we will be putting together a list on things we have learned to help others with their dreams to do what we are doing. 2019 season found us traveling in the Bahamas to ports like Bimini and Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands. We watched as Hurricane Dorian destroyed parts of the northern Bahamas. Many great ports of call that we visited last year will take years to recover. And as we wait out this Hurricane season in the keys, one keeps a careful eye on the tropics. See our Travel logs.

New items

New Publications! We published our second book “FIREMAN DOWN“, a fictional story of murder set in the surrounding of a firehouse. Look for our next book, “On Prevailing Winds“, a novice guide to escaping the dock and actually sailing to the Bahamas. Estimated due out Late Fall 2019.

Excerpts of our books can be found on our Publications page.

Living In Paradise

For years, people have heard us talk of sailing away, and living in paradise. Paradise is different to every person. Key West has been home port approaching two years now. See what makes this island the ideal locations for calling it home. You can find our thoughts under Key West

How did we do it?

A sailing boat was meant for traveling the oceans. For some, just the idea of a boat tied to the dock is enough. For us, we spend many years prepping the boat for greater things. You can see some of the items we did to make this possible under the Preparing Link

Blogs, Sites, Posts

We follow several sites and bloggers. As well as posts from people we have met along the journey. For our favorites you can see our Websites and Blogs

Why did we do it?

The reasons we opted for this lifestyle is as different as there are stars. Some were adventure, others were searching for hidden treasures, and still others for the sheer excitement… While many a man or woman are content to never venture past the sight of shore, there are those among us that look at distant waves and wonder what lies past the breakers of the harbor…

Since the advent of the internet, many an armchair sailor has explored the wonders of the seven seas from the comfort of their recliners, only risking warm beer and cold pizza as they doze off between web pages.

Then there are those of us that our family and friends question our sanity. Sometimes with good reason,  and  still we seek out the unknown. We are willing to venture to those places only told of in good old books, woeful songs, and distant memories of long ago movies..  Sailors.  Boats.  Oceans!

Follow us as we guide you thru the steps we chose to venture pass the breakers of our harbor, and to pass the fishermen standing on the shores.  Follow us as we journey to…..

Southeast of Disorder


This is just a sample of the works we have published over the last year. Look for more at our other site.

Dark Wave available in both Kindle and Paperback thru amazon!

FIREMAN DOWN – INCIPIENT. available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback. A fire thriller set against the backdrop of a intrigue. Can he find the arsonist before he is next.

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Key West Happy Hours

This is a quick listing of Happy Hour locations and times in Key West

Agave308. 308 Front St. 430-630. Select drinks and food

Aqua. 711 Duval St. 2-6pm. $5 Well, $3.75 dom beers

Alonzo’. 700 Front St. 4-630pm. Half price appetizers

Bagatelle. 115 Duval St. 4-6pm. Half price drinks, $5 appetizers

BananaCafe. 1215 Duval St. 4-6pm. Half price wines

Blackfin. 918 Duval St. 430-630pm. $7 menu

BlueMacaw. 804 Whitehead St. 4-7pm. $3 wells, dom beers, house wines

BlueMojito. 601 Front St, 3-5pm. Half price appetizers and select drinks

Boathouse. 400 Greene St. 4-6pm. Half price wells and beers

Bottlecap 1128 Simonton St. 4-7pm. Discounted beer, wine.

CafeSole. 1029 Southard St. 5-630. Sunset specials

CharlieMacs. 404 Southard St. 430-600pm. M-F. BOGO wells, draft, house. $5 menu

ConchRepublic. 631 Greene St. 4-7pm. 2-4-1 drink specials

Dante’s. 951 Caroline St. 4-8pm m-f. Half off dom beers and well

FatTuesday 305 Duval St. 4-7pm. M-F. Select drinks

FirstFlight. 301 Whitehead St. 4-6pm. Varies

GreenParrot. 601 Whitehead St. 4-7pm. M-to. Varies.

GreenRoom. 501 Greene St. Varies

GrandCafe. 314 Duval St. 5-6 pm. Half off Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Appetizers

GruntsBar. 409 Caroline St. 4-6pm. Varies

HalfShell. 231 Margaret St. 430-630pm. 2-4-1 drink specials, varied appetizers

HardRock. 313 Duval St. 5-7pm. Half price appetizers and drinks

IslandDogs. 505 Front St. 4-630pm. Half price wells, beer & wine/glass.

LaCreperie. 300 Petronia. 1-3pm. BOGO Mimosis

LagerheadBeach. 0 Simonton St , varies

LaTrattoria. 524 Duval St. Varies times. Monday $5 all Martinis

LittlePearl 632 Olivia St. 5-6pm. Varies

Lucys. 221 Duval St. 4-7pm. $3 wells, draft, house wine,half off appetizers

Mangoes. 700 Duval St. 4-7pm. 2-4-1 cocktails, half price specials

Margaritaville. 500 Duval St. 5-7pm. 50% off select drinks.

Martins. 917 Duval St. 4-6pm. Half price drinks, tapas

MaryEllens 420 Applerouth Ln. 3-6pm. 2-4-1 wells, drafts

Mellows Cafe. 1605 N Roosevelt Blvd. 5-7pm. 2-4-1 draft, wine, sangria

Monkey Bar. 900 Simonton St. Noon-8pm. $3 wells, imports, $2.50 dom beer

OldTownMexican. 609 Duval St. 4-7pm. Half off wines, beer, well, apps, soups

OldTownTavern. 900 Duval St. 4-7pm. 25%off beer, 50% off wine, well

Pepes. 806 Carolina St. 4-6pm. $6 Margarita, varied menu

Pinchers. 712 Duval St. 3-6pm. $.99 wings, oysters, shrimp, clams

Porch 429 Caroline St. 430-630pm. $2 off draft and wine

Roost. 508 Fleming St. 3-6pm. Varied drink specials

Sandbar. 511 Greene St. hours/days varies. Half price Hurricanes, marg, well, draft.

Salute. 1000 Atlantic Blvd. 4-6pm. Varies

Santiagos. 207 Petronia St. 3-6pm. Half price drinks, $5 tapas

SchoonerWharf. 202 William St. 5-7pm. Varies

ShotsNGiggles. 201 Ann St, 5-7pm. Varies

SmokinTuna. 4 Charles St. 3-6pm. Varies, 2-4-1.

SouthernMostCafe. 1405 Duval St. 4-6pm sun-thur. $5 bar menu, discounted drinks

SunsetTiki. 617 Front St. 10a-noon, 4-7pm. 2-4-1 specials

SunSun. 1500 Reynolds St. 5-7pm. Varies

TattosScars. 512 Greene St. hours varies. 2-4-1. House, draft, dom beers

TavernNTown. 3841 N Roosevelt, 5-7pm. 2-4-1 cocktails

ThristyMermaid. 521 Fleming St. 4-6pm. $2 draft, $5 wine, $5 small plates

TikiHouse. 430 Greene St. 4-6pm. 2-4-1 wells, draft, zombies

TurtleKraals. 231 Margaret St. 430-630pm. Half off wells, bottle, house, spc food menu

TwoFriends. 512 Front St. 4-6pm. Varied menu.

Vinos. 810 Duval St 4-7pm. $5 sangrias, varies.

VivaSalloon. 903 Duval St. 4-6pm. Varies.

Waterfront. 201 William St. 4-630pm. Drink specials at bar only.

WhiteTarpon. 700 Front St. 4-7pm. Varies

WillieTs. 525 Duval St. 4-7pm. Varies daily

WineO. 430 Duval St. 5-7pm. Varies