Websites and Blogs

Listed below are some of our favorite links to online magazines, web sites, blogs and video blogs.  Enjoy! Updated 1/3/2019

Magazines and News Sites

Cruisers Outpost   Our #1 favorite Mag, GO Bob!

Blue Paper   Key West News

Noonsite   Travel Information Site

Web Pages

Bahamas Cruisers GuideA great resource for information on the Bahamas.

Cruisers Forum   Great reference site.

Salty Southeast  Cruisers Net, Good Reference

Irwin Yachts  Home for great information on Irwin Sailboats


Got No Tan Lines   Follow another family blog just starting out

Floats our boat. Follow Mike and Jen as they wander the Bahamas with us!

Video Blogs

Bums on a Boat. Follow these guys and gals as they take off for the caribbean.

SV Delos  Great adventures

Wanderlust  Not a bad site

LaVagabonde  Another great site.

Other Web Sites we Recommend

Writers Weekly For the writers in the house.


Hugo Duarte, Great music from a singer in Key West!

Eric Stone, a sailer at heart and a must have set of songs.

Howard Livingston, plays a lot in Key West.

Ken Gill, an artist cd made 20 years and still one of my favs.

Rob Mehl. Another great sailing collection.


Key West Boat and Breakfast. Great site for excursions in Key West!