3rd of July

I sit here in Key West watching a great lightning show just off the island. Every one I talk to can’t believe it that we are sitting at a mooring ball in Key West without air conditioner.

It isn’t that bad believe it or not. Most of the time we have a nice breeze through the boat. And in the evening like right now it’s shows 81 degrees but a nice wind.

I watched a barracuda and a stingray swim right by the boat today as well as watching both grunts and mangrove snappers circle the boat.

So yes. We are off the grid. And after 8 months since leaving St Pete the only thing we really miss is our friends there. Some of our friends health have changed and others jobs have kept them from leaving. If I can stress one thing, it isn’t the beauty you see but doing something, anything before time catches us. There isn’t always a tomorrow and there are always too many yesterdays. Don’t think if I had only. I have seen people without even a pot to piss in but they will tell you there’s no place better than living on a boat in Key West.

On the eve to the Fourth, review your plans to escape. Don’t wait until your job decides they don’t need you. Or you or your spouses health changes and you lose the ability to do this. Never look back and think “if only….”

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