Georgetown cont.

Having spent a week here now, i can see why people stay for a season… Georgetown has a lot to offer, and the activities are always going on. The morning routine starts with listening to the cruisers net on Channel 72, runs from 8am for about 30-45 mins. From weather reports, activities from both businesses and cruisers, to buy/sell/trade and general inquiries, it is a daily start.

Many of the businesses here really appreciate the cruisers that visit here. I Have nothing but high marks for visiting here.

We have visited “Peace and Plenty”, “Splash”, “Blu”, “Eddies”, “St Frances”, “Chat n Chill” and found food and drinks above par. Done the volleyball, sand dollar and flip flop beaches. Hiked over Monument hill, and seen the panoramic view from the top.

The dinghy dock for both town, fuel and water at GT is inside Lake Victoria via a tunnel under the roadway. Very tight but after a few trips a piece of cake. Might start a page of different dinghy docks just to show the variety of stops.

Laundry, groceries and parts are available via walking from downtown. Distance from Sand Dollar beach across the bay to the dinghy docks is right about a mile. Not a real issue for most.

Exuma Market is a fairly well stocked grocery store right at the dinghy docks. 242 Liquors is across the street from the market.

There is the occasional potluck lunches on the beach, as well as the late night bonfires. Add in a round of checkers, music get together, trivia, or even a game of poker, there is always something fun to do.

The biggest thing about the islands especially Exumas is that on Sunday nearly every business closes. A near ghost town at times. Add that to the credit card machines are notorious for being out of service. So bring cash.

As we move into April most of the long term cruisers are starting to move back towards the states for the season. We have about another week here as we too will soon start that trek north.

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