Happy hour in KW

Here it’s Saturday in Key West and after a day of working on the boat how does one close out the day? Grab a happy hour in Key West. You can’t beat $6 for a haft lb of shrimp or a whole rotisserie chicken.

We have found if you eat at happy hour In KW you will eat cheaper than almost anywhere. And there is like 50 places having happy hour every day.

And it isn’t about drinking it’s about catching a great dinner total for like $15.

And if you do want a drink? Corona for $2.42.

So for all those that say Key West is too damn expensive you need to follow the locals and find the best deals to eat.

For example. Sinz is a taco place. Hands down the best I have had. Taco Tuesday is 2.00. And the rest of the time? Beef $2.75. So stuffed that you will need a fork to eat haft the taco.

Bucket of clams at Alonzo’s for $8. And at Bagatelle $5 small plates like ribs or steak skewers.

So, yes we eat out a fair bit. Save that 2000 lbs of food for days of bad weather.