9 months against the mast

Yes a play on words and movies. It here we sit at the end of July in Key West. On a mooring ball, enjoying the water, sun and yes it’s warm at times.

But not as bad as some people would have you believe. As there is almost always a breeze and at night is more than comfortable.

So what about when it rains. Well it rained tonight. We have our rain catch basin out and it about 30 minutes of light rain likely put 6 gallons in the tanks. You say “but you have a water maker “. Yup but 6 gals is an hour of run time. Think of usage. Some people stretch 6 gals to 3 days. Us we look at it as 3 minutes of shower time. Lol. And we sat in the cockpit watching the rain and lightning.

So yes we are still extremely happy living here away from the dock and off grid. Tonight fixed grilled Mahi Mahi and did yellow rice in the GoSun. Yesterday 4 lobsters.

So how you can you do it too? You have to decide what is more important. White picket fence and 2.5 bath house til you trade it for a nursing home? Or you suck it up and decide your willing to trade the false sense of security for the chance to actually live your dreams. We have a couple of friends that life tossed them a curve ball. No fault of their own but their dreams fell apart way too soon. Don’t put it off another couple of years. Don’t say, well if I work another 3 years I can make another couple hundred dollars a month in my 401/social security/pension. At some point you run out of time. Don’t wait til ur 65 to sell the house and then buy the boat. You will never have time to know how to keep in running or fix enough to get going at that age. If I could have gone at 47 I would still have been happy. But we both left good jobs for the unknown and haven’t regretted it at all.

So decide where your dreams are and Live your dreams, but don’t just dream your life away.