Back together! Purple out, Blue is in!

Here it is Wednesday and we have reassembled the boat and reset the rigging to the correct tension. We had the bobstay welded by Rudy and got everything reattached this morning. As well as replaced the jib sheets!

For those that have seen the pictures of our boat, our roller jib sheets what is gaudy purple color for over 8 years now. We replaced it years ago with a deal we got because of the color.

Last season, we started to notice a lot of noise from this line. We babied it until this season and purchased new Staset lines before we left Key West. And until this morning, we had not had a wind period to change it out.

Well, as of noon, out with the purple, in with the blue! So repairs completed, we watch for the weather to jump further now the islands. Planned a passage thru mackey shoals, past Nassau, and on towards Highbourne in the Exumas.

So watch for more pictures of the repairs, and our travels over the next few days as the weather clears.