Big Majors for the blow…

Pulled into Big Majors Sunday noon, just beside Staniel Cay, to hide from heavy winds starting Monday. Found a fairly quiet anchorage right off the swimming pigs of Big Majors. Maybe 25 boats here, well spaced out and was able to tuck in fairly close. In 8 ft water and 100ft of chain, feel this will be good for the conditions expected (20-25 kts with gusts 30) from the NE.

Sundays weather is beautiful, mostly clear skies, 85′, and clear water. Making RO water and charging batteries v well. Check on deck securing loose items in prep for this weeks weather. Then sat back listening to music and enjoying the view.

Our stops all thru the Bahamas have been great or at least an adventure. Remember Bob Bitchins saying “The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude.” And at this latitude there is no attitude….