Cruising… fixing your boat in exotic places…

While fixing a wire on the bow pulpit light, I looked down at the top fitting on the bobstay. Eeeeekkkk!

Not what i expected to see. A friends boat had a bobstay failure a couple of years ago, and we started monitoring ours as it is a similar design.. and yes, I did look at it before we left KW. Well after a few rough days of weather and then several days of sailing, I was not ready to see this fracture while sitting in Bimini.

Several possible fixes exist, both short and long term, but in Bimini, solutions are limited. Waiting on a welder to show up tomorrow and verify he can fix it and can actually weld Stainless Steel.

Crevice corrosion is the culprit here. Very insidious, and usually fails catastrophically. Had we been under sail in heavy weather this would have separated. While we have a Staysail line as well, that would not prevent some major damage.

So as we pause in Bimini and enjoy the island, the idea that it is only costing us around 65-70 a night for the slip at least makes it palatable. Updates as we learn more tomorrow.

No good sailing adventure occurs without at least a little drama! Fodder for the next sailing novel!