Day 1

For nearly 10 we have talked about cutting the lines, leaving our jobs and gasp! Actually leave and go sailing. 10 yrs on a 5 year plan. Yup we said one day. Friends humored us, families scoffed at our plans and yet we toiled on.

Well that one day is now day 1.

At 10:42 pm on a perfectly beautiful Monday evening, we toss our lines off, cut the one remaining line showing we were serious and sailed out of the harbor to the cheers of dock mates and friends. The boat was deemed done enough, as no boat is truly done, and should you decide to wait for it to really be done then you are doomed to the row of boats of lost dreams.

Oh and yes in case there was any doubt it was freaking cold. Even with an enclosure cockpit we froze. But we carry forward as the not so famous Capt Ron says “If it’s going to happen it’s gonna happen our there”

Day 2 found us sailing to a nice beam reach at 6 kts. We were treated to a spectacular sunrise, as we traveled down the west coast of Florida bound for Key West to see how the systems handle true cruising. As I sit writing this I am watching a fishing line troll behind the boat wondering why it took so long. No it hasn’t sunk in, and yet as we put every mile under her keel I am thankful for every one of our friends that made the start of this amazing journey possible. From rebuilding the motor to replacing bottom and thru hulls in a hot yard I am forever grateful for all of them. And where possible I try to pay it forward.

Day 3 found us crossing Florida bay with an original forecast 1-2 ft seas and 10 gusting to 15. Well that’s what they said.. instead found 6-8 with occasional 10 on the beam and 20 with gusts of 30. Not nice Neptune. But we endured and arrived in Key West at 1130 and anchor down at 2230 pm. 38 hrs door to door. Now we toast the boat, Neptune and a start to a new chapter of our lives.

So we will blog our adventures and misadventures as they arrive. As I left the note for work, simply…..

Gone Sailing!