First good cold front storm

After nearly 6 weeks now in Key West the first cold snap storm front blew in this morning. Winds sustained above 30 and gusts above 40 from the west and northwest. These are the typical patterns for winter storms here in the keys.

This is the only direction we are not as protected as I would have liked. Friends asked if i was worried. No, cautious, not worried. We took time to make sure primary anchor (CQR 68#) was set to the NE, placed the spare FX55 anchor off to the W, the the third is placed to the SE. Depending on direction of storm, depends on which one we adjust. This worked out very well so far for us with a minimum of issues

Overkill, nope. The sole reason we placed the FX out there was so we would not trip the primary anchor when we spun with the storm as it passed. Both seem to have set very well and allows one a small amount of reasonable security during these winter squalls.

Other that a few fresh water leaks from the rain, boat hardly knew the storm was out there most of the time. Cant be said for several others around us. 18ft fishing boat up on shore during storm, and another 28ish close to the rocks after they drug during the gusts. And a few had me bolting for top deck to check the anchors.

And our anchor alarm? Below is a picture of our pattern over the 24-36 hrs.