Kids and boats

Sitting in Georgetown watching a rousing game of volleyball, I am in earshot of 4 small kids, likely 6-8 yr old. Obviously from 3 different boats at anchor here, they are bragging about the boats they live on. This is the next generation of cruisers and despite all the gloom and doom you hear about the current 18-26?yr olds and the lack of desire to learn anything, I can tell you these kids would put their parents to shame. One is obviously from a larger cat, two from a mid size mono, and the last a lower 30 mono.

These kids were having a cheerful debate why their boat was the best. From one talking how much room they have (30ish), to how well the other loves the way the boat sails (cat) to how the other loves where they have been and where they are going (40 mono). No trying to one up each other, just bragging about the boat and *gasp* lifestyle, in their own words.

So yes Virginia, while Santa may or may not exist, the next generation of cruisers do exist…