Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, Bahama

Blue holes! Airplane wrecks! Lionfish! What a rush the last few days have been. Spent the afternoon swimming across the Blue hole located just past Rat Key. Deep blue colors and goes from 1 ft at the edge to over 100 ft deep a few feet away.

After leaving the Blue hole, we dinghy over to a old DC 3 airplane wreck located in 8-10 of water. In crashed in the early ’80 as a drug run gone bad. After 30 years in the water it is still very much identified as a plane. Both props long gone and the nose section long broken up. Many fairly good size fish still around. Locals warned us to be aware of a very large bull shark that loved to lurk around the plane. Nope. Never saw him.

From there around the corner to a small sandy beach with a rock ledge running along one side. Lionfish! After two years finally saw one! Small, but there among the small colorful reef fish.

Add in the beautiful water and was truly amazing. Tomorrow fresh Bahama bread.