Highbourne Cay

Tonight finds us anchored in Highbourne Cay, Exumas following a long day travel from Spanish Wells, Eleuthera. This passage took us over 10 hours, moving some 50+ miles. The weather and view was great, even with passing over a 2+ hr section of shallows with abundant coral heads sitting up just waiting for an inattentive boater to sink them.

Beautiful sunset caps off a long day the the three boats traveling together. While we have been motorsailing way more than i wanted, this time of year and direction it happens. The one nice thing is that we tend to only burn a little over 1 gal an hr so fuel usage isn’t terrible.

Yesterday in Spanish Wells we finish the repairs to the drive shaft connection, as we had a universal joint go bad. Parts were found and thanks to the assistance of SV Orion and SV Sanitas we were able to get everything together and still catch a happy hour drink at Buddas. Our other traveling boat, SV Zraye picked up the other UJoint in Georgetown, and will change that one out down the road as it hasnt failed yet but will change to prevent future issues.

So as we settle in for dinner and a sundowner, we plot our next move. Follow us to see where this adventure leads next.

As that song by Hugo Duarte , Somewhere headed south, says…. “Goin somewhere headed south!” Youtube him, great song!

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  1. You guys sound like your are having a trip of a lifetime. Congratulations!! So jealous….Miss ya’ll

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