Key west and points south by southeast

Ok, our original departure date came and went , left in the dust of IRMA… most of the southern Caribbean islands have been pounded by not one but now two Cat 5 Hurricanes. Tortola, Barbuda, USVI, St Kitts and the list keeps growing.

We had planned 2-3 months in Key West, and then on to the islands. With the damage in the Keys and still greater damage south of there, we have shifted our plans a little. We hope to be heading south towards the keys by mid-October. See how the boat handles and see how things work out. We have always said no schedule once we leave and will stick to that.

We want to let key west settle before we depart for there, as to not increase the stress on those in the keys.

We will keep those posted on our plans but for now, a pause … only in direction, not in moving towards that goal..