Pets and the Bahamas

One thing we have encountered is how do you handle taking pets with you on your boat to the Bahamas? In the past, there was a lot of red tape and forms that were needed to travel in the Bahamas with a cat or a dog.

We stumbled on a report about a new service called “Bahamas Pet Permits”. The gentleman that runs the site is named Wellington Saunders. He runs the website called

The site states they hand carry the permit through the process of obtaining all the needed approvals in as little as 5 working days and Emails you the approvals.

We used his service this year for travel into the Bahamas. Hands down, the process worked flawlessly. We emailed him copies of the paperwork filled out by our vet, and five days later obtained the approval forms via our email. We checked into customs last night in Bimini and were thanked for having the correct form. No hassle, no issue at all.

If you plan on traveling there, use this service. The cost was $57.00 total! I cannot tell you how easy he has made this process. And no need for postsge, faxes, etc. Everything was done via email!

What in the past could take 4 to 6 weeks for approvals, now in around a week was done!

Please be aware they have updated the forms, so he double checks that you have those as well!