Sunrise in Key West day 20

As Day 20 found us looking at a beautiful sunrise over Key West, we are still amazed we did it. As we travel across the water into KW, we are awed at the beauty and the clarity of the water. Over the last few days we continue to make improvements to some items and find others needing it. We now have a working water maker. We have averaged about 40-45 gals for every 6 hr run time. While that may not seem like a lot, it allows us hot water showers (yup tankless propane water heater!). Also thanks to a last minute purchase we have a small washer that allows us clean clothes (same water maker). And we have ordered the Go Sun solar stove, check out the details online, this little gem looks great!

Needing repairs is our outboard for the dinghy. This is the reason we choose Key West as a shakedown spot. We are and have been on anchor about 10-15 minutes from town. We had the motor serviced in St Pete and while it ran great there the trip obviously dislodged something and the 9.9 runs like crap now. So it will get looked at or replaced. The dinghy is the Range Rover on the water. You have to have reliable transportation to and from shore. Any hiccups and it can be major issues.

And we have changed our addresses to Key West. After over 35 yrs in Pinellas County we now have a new address. And our driver licenses say the boats documented number with Key West as our home port. We loved St Pete and the City’s marina is and will be our favorite place but a sailboat is meant to sail and travel. Stop in and say hi to Joan and Tony at the office. We will always have close friends there and will visit as often as we can. If you truly are looking for the best marina on the west coast of Florida, St Pete Municipal Marina is it.

We are often asked how bad is Key West after Irma. And truly Key West dodged a bullet. The marine area was hit hard. Many many boats lost but the town was spared much of the damages the mid and upper keys saw. The mooring field lost over 70 boats, the Fleming Key and Christmas Island area many times over that. Some areas 2 months later along the water front still shows some signs of damage. But, Key West has a unique charm and draw the makes one go why have I waited. Don’t wait, visit the keys. It’s not as bad as the news let on. Now the middle keys, yes there is still a long way to recover and will be for some time but many people see that as the reality of Key West and it isn’t.

For those I worked with for many years, yes I am very happy I took the time to plan my escape. Don’t put off planning yours. This is hands down what I wanted and planned for as we travel forth.

Looking forward, we plan to stay in Key West til early February when we expect to jump to the Bahamas and Georgetown on the horizon. No matter how much we planned at the dock some things you can not recreate until “You are out there”, because as Capt Ron says “If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there!” So as we continue our shakedown cruise follow us as we update you.

Gone Sailin…