Wifi in the Islands!

One thing we found last year while visiting the islands was the lack of good hi speed wifi. Oh sure, several of the restaurants and bars had wifi, but was scattered.

We have been using Tmobile as a cell service for several years now, and want to report that it is one of the best ones to use while in the islands, esp the Bahamas. Free data and texting, and phone calls around $0.35 a minute.

You can avoid the phone charges we use WhatsApp. It allows voice calls via data, and is fairly reliable.

What we recently heard of after arriving in Bimini, and then acquired was a device called MyIslandWifi. This little gizmo only works in the Bahamas, but allows high speed unlimited data at 4G for a flat rate per month of $75.00!

Does it work? Oh you bet! It’s a local hot spot with great range that allows unmetered data to multiple devices. A fairly new system here, but unbelievably fast! We are able to view websites, pull in netflixs, and surf the cat meme without any problems.

It is easy to use and setup. It comes preset with a listed password and coverage inside the boat is perfect. We even picked up service over 10 miles from shore!

The size of the unit is less than that of a phone. Powered by an internal battery, recharges via USB.

The reports from several cruisers we talked to that had this device is outstanding. In can be rented by the week or the month, and when done, you simply mail it back to them.

So as we post from offshore, uploading photos and blogs as if we were back in the states, it is fantastic. So watch for a lot more photos being posted.